Shakuna Vimana

Saturday 23 December 2017 @ Boombox
South Access Road
London, E17 7ND

Hours: 9pm - 7am


AAA 02072678320


Psy-Trance, Progressive, Full-on, Dub, Ambient, Chill


Shakuna Vimana Xmas Psychedelic Gathering

Shakuna Vimana invites you to the third journey into psychedelic music. We are looking forward to sharing the Xmas gathering with all our friends who will be in London these days.

A magic Xmas atmosphere and a vibe that we all love to experience on Saturday night 23rd of December 2017. Two rooms with stunning decoration healing area, chai shop, body painting and a crew of people who spent years of exploring the evolution of psy music and organising events with love and passion.

Main Stage:

Earthling LIVE (Zero 1 Music, UK)

Michele Adamson LIVE (Fineplay Records, UK)

PsyBat LIVE & DJ sets (Free Earth Festival, GR / Shakuna Vimana UK, GR)

Freedu (aka Hecate) LIVE & DJ sets (Digital Nature/Insonitus Records, GR)

C.K. (Alchemy / Biopulse/ Records, PRT)

Fordy (Blue Hour Sounds UK)

Aria (Vimana productions UK/GR)

Chill Room:

Michele Adamson LIVE (Fineplay Records, UK)

Freak Brothers (Busha Frita Records, UK)

SeaOne (Prakrti Shakti, Ukraine / Nepal / Lithuania)

PsyBat LIVE & DJ sets (Free Earth Festival, GR / Shakuna Vimana UK, GR)

Eleusis (Vimana Productions, GR)

Spicy Brain (Vimana Productions, GR)

Tziovis (Vimana Productions, GR)

Shakuna Vimana
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