Return of the Atom 10-year Anniversary Halloween Ball

Friday 3 November 2017 @ Boombox
South Access Road, E178AX London, United Kingdom

Hours: 10pm-7am


AAA 02072678320


Psy Trance, Minimal Techno, Glitch Hop, Tech House, Bass music & Prog Down Tempo Dub Breaks Chill Out Good Vibes... Tribal Music...!


Return of the Atom 10-year Anniversary Halloween Ball

Atom Productions resurrects one of Londonís most hair-raising psychedelic adventures, first born 10 years ago in the depths of the London underground. With Halloween looming, this is the perfect opportunity to dig out your fancy dress, fake blood, latex skin and dancing shoes. Fear not if you have none of these, our special Halloween task force will ensure you look the part!

The main room of the Boombox Lab will be transformed into the World Lounge Project psychedelic ballroom with plenty of comfy couches and chill spaces, while room 2 will be transfigured into a Psy Laboratory with our friends from Bom Shanka Music joining the party to celebrate a decade of devious hard and dark devastation with a rare 3-hour set.

World Lounge Project

Aztekh (Bom Shanka/UK)

Mudstompin Monkey (Bassport FM/ZW)

Miss Kiff (Future Progressions/SA)

FlibbertiGibbet (Free-Spirit Records/NZ)

Psilly Billy (Atom/UK)

Psy Laboratory

Al Shanka and Nuky present 10 years of Bom Shanka Music (3-hour set)

Mutaliens LIVE (Looneymoon/UK)

Multiseed (Trick Music/UK)

Reezan (Psyfari/SA)

Mr Bumpy (Atom/SA)

Return of the Atom 10-year Anniversary Halloween Ball
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